Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We’re Back!

After one semester of fun and excitement, the second semester has finally started in August. I was the first one to arrive safely in Curtin Village, house no. 5710 after taking an hour flight and 30 minutes of taxi from the airport to my second home in Miri. Arriving there, I was expecting to see the worst of the house when Sheah Yih mentioned in his blog, the house is in a disaster! Shocked, it appeared to be clean! Yet, there was not the only surprise, we have a new housemate! Boon Kiat’s new roommate to be exact, name’s Andy, an Iban. (Sorry, no picture available, Andy wanted his handsome face to be private and confidential) Just for the readers’ information, Andy has tattoo on his body! (Ask Boon Kiat for verification, he always had a chance to see him naked. XD)

Anyway, he’s a great guy, I would say, with great muscle and a great body, let’s not forget a great passion as well. (That’s why he’s Boon Kiat’s roommate! =P) A friendly guy indeed who has quite a number of commons with us. First thing, he has a desktop, which he brought all the way from Bintulu, like Michael. The only difference is it made a lot of noise. ^.^” He likes to play DotA as well, which made both Michael and him very click. Second, he is in Degree course, like George, except this was his second year, third semester. So, this made him the eldest in our house. (Sound very old~) Third, he was taking Civil Engineering, which Sheah Yih was dreaming of taking in his Degree. Fourth, he bought a new notebook (as in portable computer, not those piles of paper bundled together) which has the same brand as mine – Dell! Last but not least, he’s Boon Kiat’s roommate! Okay, that might not sound very common but one thing for sure, both of them always come back late, either at midnight or before dawn the next morning. Plus, they don’t lock their room’s door when they are off to somewhere. So, guess that explain everything about our new housemate, Andy! A round applause to our newcomer, Andy! (Clap! Clap! Clap!)

Gradually, everyone came back to the house and things were still back to how it was back in last semester. I actually miss those moments when I am in Kuching having my semester break. Even as I am blogging now, I can remember those moments, as crystal clear as water. Felt so fresh as if it all happened to be last week. Anyway, we thought this semester would still be the same but let me tell you something, people change and things will surely change, only that it’s for better or worse. Still, we had a great time in Semester 2 and tune in for more story telling~!!


Semester 2 has started and ended as well~!!

Lots of people have been asking, why is this blog outdated!? Well, the posts I am about to post here will definitely explain all. So, tuned in for more exciting, melancholy and touching stories~!! Lol~!



Friday, August 10, 2007

We nid allan to sweep the cobwebs off this blog..not even one year nearly dead..haiz~ sem 2 starts...get ready...woosh~ short blog nia lah..juz sayin how i spent my time in this house durin sem break when every1 left..haiz~

they juz left me one by one..while i tried to finish my drivin course...first michael..then allan then boon kiat and then george :(...sleepin alone in this house abit sound...

allan u shud be happy u did not see was lik wat...joe left it...nearlypuked while clearin it

so quiet outside village...and i appreciated the nice scenery..and peacefulness...while waitin formy driver instructor to pick me up...

this is lik a kancil showhouse lol..dun think will be back there anymore...byebye to this place not..eehehehe

and when i can finally go back..TRAFFIC JAM~!!! arghh! y??? lol

tht is all of my summarised and boring adventure alone in village ahaha..

shea22(1st wife XD)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to You~

Happy Birthday to You~

Happy Birthday to Michael~

Happy Birthday to You~!!!

That's right folks, it's Michael's birthday on the 11th June 2007~!!

Guess you guys must be wondering first - who bought the cake?

That's right! It's the guy with biggest smile~!!

So, who's the rest of the 'planners'?

Don't be shock but yeah, Boon Kiat is one of them~!

We can't lose out George as well~

Last but not least, me~!

So, let's talk about how did the event start~

Well, it all started with DotA where Sheah Yih and Boon Kiat's room was the heart of the event. Guess you could say it's a special request from the special boy.

So, all of us work 24 hours (a little exaggeration here =p) until suddenly a call came in! Well, ignoring the fallacy we are about to use, we deduce that his sweetheart called in. Still, the timing was perfect (I mean his girl friend's call) and gave us time to prepare for the top event of that night.

George was ordered to guard the door while the rest of us took out the important piece as of that night's main focus - the cake~!!

Alright, so eventually after a few minutes (30 minutes or so...), the birthday boy finally came out with a surprise face as you can see below~!!

Without further ado, we lit up the cake and gave him a knife to open his birthday ceremony just like what a Datuk usually do.

So, what does celebrating a person's birthday consist?

But of course! A birthday song~!!

*Sing la Kiat~!! Don't always smile at the camera nia~!!*

We always follow the cultue of making a wish before blowing out the candles~!

*Wonder what he is wishing... Might it be.... Hehe~*

Later, the birthday boy must cut the birthday cake but the wise guy cut his own name instead...

Lol~ Anyway, all's done is done and the final part is where we all got to EAT~!!!

Wow~ We sure don't waste time~

Michael~! I want some too~!

Sheah Yih : My turn now~

Boon Kiat : In your dreams, Sheah Yih... Hehe~

Wow~ Careful Michael~ Don't worry we wouldn't finish it so fast, only faster~ Hehe~

So, what do you guys think about that cake?

Well, guess everyone likes it then~!! Tiramisu cake must be one of the best and delicious cake you can get~!

So, is everyone full now?

Michal : Allan... I still want more...

Sheah Yih : Last one...

Boon Kiat : Allan... Give me more....

Lol~ Anyway, that's all for now. Hope everyone will have fun during this coming holiday~!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Holidayz~!!! Yippie~!!!

Holiday is finally here~!!! Hooray~!! After a long wait...i have not hav the time during the whole month as i wan busy wit the academic stuff but nw i m back on the blog. So, letz recap wat i hav done through tis semester....

The orientation week..
Truly speaking, it was fun and get to knw many ppl...especially my own housemates which is also fellow members of this blog.....but i wonder where are them.....maybe u will see them in the near future.....

The Birth of this Blog,
One nite.....we were all playing cards and......we were talkin about blogs and all the internet stuff...and i think why dun we do our own blog...and there is was...the birth of the blog...

Sheah Yih wit his "lucky" cards....

Surprise surprise....11 Allan do also knw how to
shuffle the decks...

Michael: the unbeatable champ in black jack....he is a damn lucky kid, ya knw!!!
BTW, u see those UNOs, rite....those are the subs of chips they play in casinos...

Then, coming to the April....nth much happens juz some new hair cuts for Allan....then, goin into May....assignments starts to pile for both my housemates and me as a degree student.....I build bridge and do programming stuff which are very new...

My bridge design group logo...

M3~!! wit the bridge we hv done...
We put in so much effort in doin the bridge...
We even sacrifice our sleep and nearly cost our friendship...
But all was worth while...

One more thing to remember is the Curtin Volunteer Gathering..
Did so much things at that day...Moreover, we got champion of the games on the day of the gathering...
Here are some snaps-shots of the games..
Sheah Yih~!! Dun steal my first kiss, ok!!

So, nw...u cannot get mine.
U r trying to get Allan'z first kiss...

The most memorable thing is that we get to celebrate Michael's birthday...
We wan to surprise him but he manage to get ahead of us but he is also a bit surprise that we celebrate B'day wit him in the middle of nite...around 12pm...
The reason he is so happy is tat we did not miss spelled his name on the cake....Thank God!!
We do spell it right~!!

He sure enjoy his cake.....until nth is left...btw, itz a cheese cake...yumm..

Besideds that, we saw sth "special" on a very normal evening in the canteen...
Me and Allan was sitting in the canteen,chatting and the next minute....we notice sth on the floor...and we see a dead bird but wat the heck itz only a dead bird...
BUT on second look...itz a headless dead bird....WOW!!!!

A very cute little birdie go suicidal accidentally...
Poor thing, so young.....
So many kids to have....
The body...
The head...

Through out these semester. We have so much ups and downs...Evry1 hav their love situation except Allan (which i doubt why...), Michael did cry so sadly but he is the happiest of all coz he got a good and loyal GF....

Well, see wat is install for us the next semester...

Looking forward to the holidays and the next sem....

Enjoy ur holidyz every1 in and out of this blog....


Yours Sincerely,

Thursday, May 31, 2007

~Our First Holiday Break After First Semester in Curtin~

Hooray~!! Our first semester has finally come to an end~ And how did most of us do? Barely survived? No~! We have fun~!!

Yesterday night, we had some fun together, celebrating our first semester break although in one to two weeks time, our final exam shall be glaring at us. Still, let's enjoy first before the pain and suffering arrive~

Sheah Yih and George went and watched a movie that Sheah Yih bought (I think it's called Follow the Law or something). I didn't know what they were watching as the rest of us (Michael, Boon Kiat and myself) were off to work - DotA~!!!

We played a total of 3 matches and won all three without much sweat (except a lot of screaming and cursing at the same time...) ~ That night, I actually realize teamwork does apply in games as well, where we have our leader - who is our pro, Michael - to prompt us and lead us to a certain place and gang-bang the heroes together~!! Therefore, who say games can't teach you moral values~!! Rather than just learning it from books and listening to lecture like Malaysian Studies or Moral Studies, why don't we interact with it and apply it in real life such as DotA~!! So, kids, for those who want to learn moral values, I recommend you to play DotA but make sure you don't get addicted~!! Just have fun and play~!!

After a while, both of them came and joined us. George replaced Boon Kiat and played with Michael and me. Boon Kiat and Sheah Yih went to bed earlier (a rare scene...) as they were going back to Brunei the day after which is today. So, it might be kind of quiet in the house since two are going missing for almost a week~!! Guess we need each other as the name of this blog suggest. Still, thank God that all of us met together. Might it be a fate for us to meet each other? Lol~

Anyway, hope everyone have fun for the first half year of 2007~! Happy Holidays~!!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Finally, Some1 in this family is blogging. Good boy, Allan. Papa is proud of ya.

Erm...what shall i blog this time ler???


My girl juz went back to Sibu n on her way to Labuan Matric( not Matirx). This few dayz when she is away, i really miss her. Anyway, i didnt cry though coz i am a man for God sake. Juz feeling sorrow n down. With all the assignments, this add some more fatigue to me mentally n physically. I think i juz gonna face the fact that, she is not the one for me...Haiz... This Poem is souly dedicated for her.

Only friends
Love is blind,
Love can't be made,
And only bind,
The crush on u makes me sad.

First, u said u fly on May 9,
Then, tomolo u went away.
Why can't u juz be so kind,
To juz let me see u one more day.

Haiz...Life's lik tat long ago,
As quick as u come,
As swift as u go,
Back to Sibu ur lovely home.

I could do nth,
Juz to let out a sigh...

Oh well,
Life hav to go on,
My feeling no one could tell,
Of sorrow n hardship clinging on.

I guess,
Maybe our fate is only friends,
No need to go through so much test,
To hope this friendship never ends...